HTS Basic Mission 2

What is HTS? Link to Basic Mission 2.


Network Security Sam set up a password protection script. He made it load the real password from an unencrypted text file and compare it to the password the user enters. However, he neglected to upload the password file…

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Upgrade Your Wordpress to 2.8.4!

In case you are still using an outdated Wordpress between version 2.8 to 2.8.3, please update it to the latest version.

There is a vulnerability on these versions where a person without the admin e-mail address may reset the admin password.
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HTS Basic Mission 1

What is HTS?

This is the most basic mission. Link to Basic Mission 1.


This level is what we call “The Idiot Test”, if you can’t complete it, don’t give up on learning all you can, but, don’t go begging to someone else for the answer, thats one way to get you hated/made fun of. Enter the password and you can continue.

Well, this mission is basically simple, all you need to do is just get the password. Are you planning to brute force the password? There’s no need to, I swear!
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Where’s Xunlei?
Xunlei Post still exists. It's here.