Part 1: Combo of Firefox Plugins = Powerful Hack

Update: There’s Part 2 now.

I was not surprised when a person with minor or no knowledge in computing able to bot. I learn a lesson from a technician, Google is always your best friend. Yes, indeed that many of us make use of Google (or maybe any other search engine out there). Well, we could make use of the search engine to search for hack! Let’s go through a situation related to hacking.

Before you continue, please bear in mind that this article is for educational purposes and I held no liability over lost of anything, including the lost of fun in playing a facebook game. If you feel uneasy with this article, kindly leave this site.

Situation 1

I was tired of playing Facebook – Friends For Sale :sad: where I was too lazy to work my pets, but in the other way round I want to gain more cash. My brain was thinking how to find a way to automate the job?

I searched for “FFS autowork” in Google. It directs me to userscripts website where all scripts under Greasemonkey, a Firefox Plugin. Then, I just install the plugin and searched for the FFS Autowork Script. I found one script, FFS Cheater but it have some problem, the script is mad! It will work my pets non-stop neglecting the interval between jobs where it will generate errors, non-stop. :cry:

However, I was able to turn the verdict where I made some minor code changes to the javascript file. I changed the following:; changed to window.setTimeout(, 7000); where I modify the execution of the script after every 7 seconds where it’s near to ideal time for interval between jobs.

Then, I work it with Greasemonkey. Presto! :twisted:

I had uploaded the script here. You might want to test it out. ;-)

Oh wait! What is this situation related to title? Shouldn’t this article be named “FFS Bot by HeHeHunter”? Calm down… I am still writing Situation 2.

Note: In case you have anything to ask or I missed out something, feel free to comment below.

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