HTS Basic Mission 5

What is HTS? Link to Basic Mission 5.


Sam has gotten wise to all the people who wrote their own forms to get the password. Rather than actually learn the password, he decided to make his email program a little more secure.

If you plan to use the Mission 4 method, it won’t work… and you will get error. Darn… Are we gone? Apparently, no. Instead we have two methods to deal with this situation; the newbie method and the pro method. Pick one!

What You Need?

For the Newbies:

  1. Basic HTML Knowledge to read the source.
  2. Mozilla Firefox with Firebug Addon installed.
  3. Your E-mail address.

For the Pros:

  1. Basic HTML Knowledge to read the source.
  2. Basic Javascript Knowledge. – javascript:alert()
  3. Your E-mail address.

Let’s Start Hacking!

The source code is just like mission 4, but Sam changed his server side to read the referrer.

Why method in mission 4 doesn’t work? Because now Sam’s website detects the origination of the website. If you use mission 4 method, you will get an error because the source is not from his website! So, we have only one choice, edit from his website instead.

Newbies method:

If you installed firebug, learn to use firebug to change the e-mail address.

Pros method:

Use the following javascript to change your e-mail:


Need me to say more?


I don’t recommend you to read further from here if you want to test out your skills/knowledge. However, if you wish to cheat yourself or you are really unable to solve this puzzle although I gave you the tips, go ahead.

To view the spoiler, highlight below (left click your mouse and drag around the below area):

Newbie method: Open Firebug. Under HTML, Search for “password” on the right hand side. Modify the e-mail address to your e-mail address. and click Send Password to Sam. Now you got your password!

Pro method: Paste this on your URL address bar:
javascript:alert( document.forms[0].to.value = "" )
and click Send Password to Sam.

Good luck!

Feel free to leave some comments.

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