HTS Basic Mission 1

What is HTS?

This is the most basic mission. Link to Basic Mission 1.


This level is what we call “The Idiot Test”, if you can’t complete it, don’t give up on learning all you can, but, don’t go begging to someone else for the answer, thats one way to get you hated/made fun of. Enter the password and you can continue.

Well, this mission is basically simple, all you need to do is just get the password. Are you planning to brute force the password? There’s no need to, I swear!

What You Need?

  1. Basic HTML Knowledge – HTML Comments.
  2. A Browser. Preferably Mozilla Firefox.

Let’s Start Hacking!

First, you need to understand a few things about HTML. What is HTML? HTML refers to HyperText Markup Language. What we need to learn here is the use of the following HTML:
<!-- Sample Text -->

The above refers to HTML Comments. HTML Comments is used by script writers to understand their code better. Normally, this is ignored by the browser, therefore it will not appear on the page.

How are we going to read the comments if it is not appearing on the page? This is a real simple question. Basically, all you need to do is just click the VIEW option in your browser’s toolbar and select SOURCE or PAGE SOURCE. This will open a window that shows you the HTML code of the page.


I don’t recommend you to read further from here if you want to test out your skills/knowledge. However, if you wish to cheat yourself or you are really unable to solve this puzzle although I gave you the tips, go ahead.

To view the spoiler, highlight below (left click your mouse and drag around the below area):

The answer is in the source but it’s just not visible. Just find for <!-- Code and you will find something interesting.
<!-- the first few levels are extremely easy: password is c84546e3 -->

This is not the exact password. You need to check the password yourself.

Good luck!

I hope you learn something about HTML today. Feel free to leave some comments.

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