Object Model in Simple English

In Object Orientated Programming such as C#, Java and VB, we always come across the object model.

The object model consist of:

  1. objects
  2. properties
  3. methods
  4. events
  5. classes

However, many of us confused by these models. Well, this is how I describe these object models.


Imagine it is like a thing such as papers, phones, dictionary, etc.

Another way to describe it in English Grammar would be “Noun”.


How does your object look like? Let’s say we take a book as reference. How does the book look like? what colour? size?

Another way to describe it in English Grammar would be “Adjectives”.


Let’s say I ask you to show me a book. You take a book and showed it to me. The action where you show it to me is known as methods.


When I first asked you to show me a book, an event is triggered where you are either able to show me a book or not.


Classes is just like a dictionary. It consists of every definition of all available properties, methods and events. When you describe an object, the description often based on a dictionary.

Note: This is my method of explaining this as I couldn’t find any other way to explain it.

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