Making good use of Google Maps


Ping Ping is working for Public Bank in Ampang. Her job requires her to travel to branches around Malaysia. This time she is required to travel to Pahang’s Public Bank at ‘79 Jalan Haji Abdul Aziz Kuantan, 25000, Malaysia‘. But, she doesn’t know the fastest route to travel there. Worse, she doesn’t know how to claim for the fuel used and distance traveled.

Mission Objective

We are going to make use of Google Maps to:

  1. Know the fastest route (estimation) to Public Bank in Pahang.
  2. Get the direction from Menara Public Bank to Public Bank in Pahang.
  3. Get the distance traveled for fuel claim.

Step by Step method

Note: You may skip this post if you are using GPS navigator. ;-)

  1. Go to Google Maps.
  2. Key in the location you want to go.
  3. Click Get directions and key in your current location, which would be Menara Public Bank. Then click Go.
  4. Viola! :mrgreen:


From here, Ping Ping gets to know the fastest route to Pahang by viewing the map :smile: . Aside from that, she now have the proof of the distance traveled so that she could claim for the fuel used :grin: . Since some of us are bad with remembering roads, Google Maps do show how to go to the location, step by step without fail. Oh wait, it might fail when the transport minister suddenly change the road *giggles* :razz: .

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