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Part 1: Combo of Firefox Plugins = Powerful Hack

Update: There’s Part 2 now.
I was not surprised when a person with minor or no knowledge in computing able to bot. I learn a lesson from a technician, Google is always your best friend. Yes, indeed that many of us make use of Google (or maybe any other search engine out there). Well, we could [...]

HTS Basic Mission 5

What is HTS? Link to Basic Mission 5.
Sam has gotten wise to all the people who wrote their own forms to get the password. Rather than actually learn the password, he decided to make his email program a little more secure.
If you plan to use the Mission 4 method, [...]

HTS Basic Mission 4

What is HTS? Link to Basic Mission 4.
This time Sam hardcoded the password into the script. However, the password is long and complex, and Sam is often forgetful. So he wrote a script that would email his password to him automatically in case he forgot.
E-mail? Seriously? If you cannot remember the password, please use [...]

Where’s Xunlei?
Xunlei Post still exists. It's here.