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Making good use of Google Maps

Ping Ping is working for Public Bank in Ampang. Her job requires her to travel to branches around Malaysia. This time she is required to travel to Pahang’s Public Bank at ‘79 Jalan Haji Abdul Aziz Kuantan, 25000, Malaysia‘. But, she doesn’t know the fastest route to travel there. Worse, she doesn’t know how to [...]

Part 1: Combo of Firefox Plugins = Powerful Hack

Update: There’s Part 2 now.
I was not surprised when a person with minor or no knowledge in computing able to bot. I learn a lesson from a technician, Google is always your best friend. Yes, indeed that many of us make use of Google (or maybe any other search engine out there). Well, we could [...]

Potong Now!

P1 is having another promotion named Potong Now. You will get registration and activation fees waived plus one month free P1 Wimax when you subscribe to P1 Wimax by just flashing your latest broadband bill from another telco.
You do not need to terminate your old broadband services to enjoy this promotion. All you need to [...]

Where’s Xunlei?
Xunlei Post still exists. It's here.