I am HeHeHunter, obviously.

Yes, I suck at writing an essay about myself. So, bear with me.

About Me

I am a dude (male) and I am seeking for my other half, although I had found one but things never work out (break up).  :cry: I was born on 18th May, a true city boy and I used to live in Kuala Lumpur until I shifted to Selangor. I have an elder brother and younger brother but hey, this is about me and I am not going to talk about them. :razz:

I has been in love for two times, and I do not wish to talk about both of them although I really love them. Some says I always step on myself (note: P.S.) and some say I am too humble (note: Jac Toh) and some even said I am evil (note: MLSJann). I am combination of all I think.


I am a pure Methodist Boys’ School student, I live my 12 years in Shaolin  :sad: (if you don’t understand what I mean, remember co-ed). Oh great! I miss Miss Moey’s (note:MCKL’s CEO) advise because she is the only person who could give me the best advice all time.


When it comes to Computers, my neuron seems to fire so fast :twisted:   and much that I believe I cannot live without computers. Cutting it short, I am interested in Computer related stuff.  :grin: Recently, I am deeply interested in computer networking where I start to gain interest in Wimax and wireless. Of course, I do not expect my computer to be truly wireless, (there is no way though for the time being)

Aside from computing, I love to dance. But this dance is pathetically stupid because there’s really no style in it when I dance. It is called Dance Dance Revolution. However, due to my knee surgery, I cannot play. So, I move towards Para Para Paradise. Nice dance but it lack of leg movement, durrr. :???:


Talking about music, generally, I have no music genes in me and I don’t really listen to music. One of my ex-GF can play piano very well. “Fragment of Memories” was one of my favourite music where my ex-GF used to play it for me. I hope she would play for me again, but this is not going to happen anyway.  :sad: I love Initial D soundtrack especially when I drive. The reason is simple: it live up my spirit to drive, especially during traffic jam in KL; I hate speeding (note: Gil). I started to plant some interest in music that my ex-GF sent to me, Reflection, Momentum, Way back into love … you name it.

Movies and TV Shows

House M.D. taught me how to live with sarcasm. Sarcasm sarcasm sarcasm… which reminds me of my ex-GF’s sarcasm level is 99<  :shock: where as I am maybe level 10. GTO was my fan favourite when I like the method he used for teaching. Nifty! My favourite french movie is La Fabuleux Dentin d’Amelie Paulin; although I don’t understand french.

Working Experience

I used to worked as a part time computer technician in a Cyber Cafe when I was 14 where I learn my Computer Skills from the official technician. I even created a Ragnarok Private Server for that particular Cyber Cafe. However, this come to an end when I shifted to Selangor.

Aside from that, I used to work for P1 Wimax for one month before I enroll into college to obtain a degree. (Note: Mod) I miss my colleagues! :smile:

What am I doing currently…

Currently I am studying BSc (Hons) in Applied Business Computing in SEGi University College in collaboration with University of Sunderland.

Last updated: 09-09-09

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One Response to “About”

  • adriano says:

    im sorry to do this here but i have a problem with the new version of thunder and i thought u may help me.

    i just want to know how can i get the small window that tracks the percentagens and download speed that just floats on the desktop, i removed it and i dont know how to put it back again.

    sorry again but thunder is the best program i ever encounter and i still love it even i dont know chinese.

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