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HTS Basic Mission 4

What is HTS? Link to Basic Mission 4.
This time Sam hardcoded the password into the script. However, the password is long and complex, and Sam is often forgetful. So he wrote a script that would email his password to him automatically in case he forgot.
E-mail? Seriously? If you cannot remember the password, please use [...]

HTS Basic Mission 3

What is HTS? Link to Basic Mission 3.
This time Network Security Sam remembered to upload the password file, but there were deeper problems than that.

HTS Basic Mission 2

What is HTS? Link to Basic Mission 2.
Network Security Sam set up a password protection script. He made it load the real password from an unencrypted text file and compare it to the password the user enters. However, he neglected to upload the password file…

Where’s Xunlei?
Xunlei Post still exists. It's here.